Thursday, February 16, 2012

The Vienna Opera Ball 2012 Tiara: A Winter`s Dream


Swarovski, which has adorned debutantes at the annual Vienna Opera Ball with glittering tiaras since the glamorous 1950s, has collaborated with jewelry designer Prince Dimitri of Yugoslavia to help transform this year’s debutantes into princesses for the night.
Inspired by the poetry of falling snowflakes, Prince Dimitri has designed the ”Snow Storm” tiara using Swarovski Elements in the form of ice crystals and glittering spirals.


As the Young Ladies' and Young Men's Committees enter the ballroom on February 16, 2012 at the 56th Vienna Opera Ball, thousands of Swarovski Elements will glisten in the light of what is considered by many to be the world's most beautiful ballroom.

Prince Dimitri, who is known for his lavish jewelry creations and whose work is sold in the world's finest auction houses, found his inspiration for the tiaras on a cold winter’s day in New York while watching snowflakes swirl in the wind. He explained: “Tiaras are usually rather static. But the way the wind playfully swept through the snow gave me the idea to imbue the diadems with movement.”


The Prince selected the crystals best suited to convey his impression of the snowflakes to create the “Snow Storm” tiara. "I find myself hypnotized by Swarovski crystals,” he said. “They have these marvelous shapes, these wonderful colours and extremely high refraction which makes it shine and glisten like no other crystal in the world.”

“The idea of the tiara was to make the debutantes look like angels, because a tiara creates a halo of light around the head. I wanted to make them look like princesses."

Opernballdebütanten 2012
Make-up by Lancome. Photo: Lois Lammerhuber / Edition Lammerhuber.

Pictures courtesy of Swarovski.

How do you like the tiara? Would you wear one when attending a ball?

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  1. I love the tiara! I used to be Mrs. Maryland in 2009. I would wear my crown and sash when attending community events, so I would definitely wear this tiara to a ball! ;)