Monday, February 25, 2013

The Oscars vs. the Grammys 2013: which event had the most beautiful gowns?

The Red Gown 1 Kelly Rowland in Roberto Cavalli (Grammys) vs. Jennifer Anniston in Valentino with Salvatore Ferragamo clutch (Oscars)

The Dark Blue Gown 2 Jordan Sparks in Roberto Cavalli (Grammys) vs. Jennifer Hudson in Roberto Cavalli (Oscars)

The Black Glitter Gown 4 Carly Rae Jepsen in Roberto Cavalli (Grammys) vs. Adele in Burberry (Oscars)

The Black Lace Gown 3 Carrie Underwood in Roberto Cavalli (Grammys) vs. Sharon Stone in Roberto Cavalli (Oscars)

Pictures: Getty Images / respective brands.

Ladies and gentlemen, your verdicts please!

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  1. From the bottom up:
    - Carrie because you can actually see the lace detail.
    - If Adele did different shoes I would have loved her in the dress I think.
    - They both look great but Jennifer definitely!
    - Kelly! .. Jennifer's reminds me a bit of a dyed wedding gown. ...More diamonds or something?

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    Maggie A
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