Monday, February 16, 2015

Season Favourite: Prada S/S 15 Ad Campaign by Steven Meisel

1 Prada SS15 Womenswear Adv Campaign image
Can a woman exude confidence yet be relaxed; appear uninhibited and carefree, yet remain in control? These seemingly contradictory states are explored in the new campaign for Prada by Steven Meisel.
2 Prada SS15 Womenswear Adv Campaign image 

Gemma Ward, Julia Nobis and Ine Neefs take centre stage. They are all portrayed in a different mood: stoic, psychedelic and intimate. A black and white studio shot is strong and defiant. A graffiti pastel backdrop channels movement and a youthful attitude. Then we’re drawn in close, into a seductive bedroom scene.

3 Prada SS15 Womenswear Adv Campaign image 

The diverse settings, contrasting moods and seemingly disconnected narratives form a dynamic backdrop for the Spring/Summer collection. The clothes draw together this diverse series, with a distinctive blend of fabrics, colours and silhouettes. Precious materials – antique brocade modelled on the 1800s through to the 60s – meets humble cotton, gauze and raw leather. Silk jacquard socks are a modern and elegant leitmotif.
4 Prada SS15 Womenswear Adv Campaign image
The season’s bags are reinterpreted in their own revealing character study. One moment they are held protectively, the next they are casually flung on to a bed. Still lives suggest a free and fleeting moment, as if the wearer has just arranged them in a peculiar bedroom ritual. Within each image the many facets of the Prada woman shift and overlap, part of an interconnected and contradictory story. A spirit of confidence and optimism suggest there are many more stories to be told.

 5 Prada SS15 Womenswear Adv Campaign image 
Pictures © Prada.

How amazing to see Gemma Ward in a Prada ad again. I`m loving the elegant yet mysterious mood that Steven Meisel creates in this wonderful ad campaign. Season favourite!

How do you like the ad campaign?

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