Friday, December 11, 2015

Christmas Gifts for Men 2015

Scarfs & walett: Burberry, sunglasses: Etro


 Scarfs & wallet: Burberry, sunglasses: Etro

 Left: Burberry, right: Michael Kors

 Jacket & sunglasses: Etro, clutch: Salvatore Ferragamo, bag: Michael Kors, frame: Burberry

 Briefcase: Emporio Armani, bagpack: Burberry, satchel: Etro, Travel Backgammon: Burberry


 Jacket: Etro, tie: Burberry, pencil case: Salvatore Ferragamo


 Sweater, wallet & scarf: Burberry, bag: Emporio Armani

 Wallet, sweater & notebook: Burberry, suitcase: Salvatore Ferragamo

Scarf & wallet: Burberry, sweater: Etro

Pictures are property of the respective brands. Collages compiled by DressCode:HighFashion.

Which items would you like to receive, Gentlemen? 

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