Friday, June 8, 2012

Video: Gucci Man S/S 12

What an ultra-chic collection! I`m loving the glencheck, plaid suits, the quilted leather blouson and the dark red! Who would have thought that red coats & bags work on men and that gold necklaces could NOT look tacky but stylish!?! Aside from all that; IMMACULATE hair & styling! *LOOOOOOOOVE*
I think this is the first Frida Gianni collection I like.

How do you like the collection? Are you feeling the skinny cuts?

1 comment:

  1. A very nice collection.
    I don't really feel the skinny cuts, though, as some seemed to be too skinny for the skinny models. Male legs are not that aesthetically pleasing, and some jackets looked like the models had to be squeezed into them. Also the glencheck suits certainly are very difficult to pull off successfully outside of a fashion show.
    On the plus side there were the nice leather jackets/blousons you mentioned, my favouritees being the red one (at 01:38) and the black one at 5:45.
    Also the bags. I'm a great fan of those simple but elegant bags, like the one at 01:27 and the white ones at 02:05 and 02:59 (I think I also saw them in black somewhere).
    But my favourite outfit and overal look was teh one starting at 05:50. The trousers were slim but not skinny, the sweater was just great (I'm a sucker for knitwear, I don't know why), and the understated bag and shoes completed the simple and relaxed look. Lovely.