Sunday, August 12, 2012

Giles F/W 12 (made with Swarovski Elements) Backstage

1 Giles_AW12_Backstage_Photographer_Jason _Lloyd-Evans

2 Giles_AW12_Backstage_and_42_Photographer_Jason _Lloyd-Evans

3 Giles_AW12_Backstage_Photographer_Jason _Lloyd-Evans

4 Giles_AW12_Backstage_Photographer_Jason _Lloyd-Evans

5 Giles_AW12_Backstage_Photographer_Jason _Lloyd-Evans

6 Giles_AW12_Backstage_Photographer_Jason _Lloyd-Evans

7 Giles_AW12_Backstage_Photographer_Jason _Lloyd-Evans

8 Giles_AW12_Backstage_Photographer_Jason _Lloyd-Evans

Copyright: Giles / Swarovski. Photographer: Jason Lloyd-Evans

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  1. Fashion week is such and inspiration to look at. Even though I don't want to be a designer, its fun to see whats new. I get alot of my new fashion news from you, WWD, Style, etc and I love it! Keep it up.