Friday, August 31, 2012

Season Favourite: Etro Man Shoes F/W 12





Pictures: © Etro

It rarely happens that men`s shoes arouse visions, but these ones do; I see a european gentleman in the "best-age" (he could also be located in colonial South-America or South-Africa several decades ago). He is not only sophisticated, he is refined! He has traveled the world, stood his man in adventures (in both wilderness and beds) and is now beginning to settle down, which allows him to wear luxurious fashion and materials. He choses the comfort of a loafer but mixes it with the elegance of dark velvet. Or he picks a classical shoe in tradional british glencheck, that has an exotic touch through the feathers application, which reminds him of the wild animals, he used to hunt in far-away lands. *sigh*

In other words: I LOVE THESE ULTRA-ELEGANT, ULTRA-LUXURIOUS & DECADENT SHOES - they`re my season favourite! The mix of (fine) materials and styles is brilliant!

Gentlemen, how do you like the collection? Ladies, would you like to see the shoes on your man?


  1. I like the look of the first slippers, but in general I'm not a friend of wearing feathers or fur. To me these shoes are a bit "too much", I prefer simpler and cleaner designs.