Saturday, September 1, 2012

Season Favourite: Salvatore Ferragamo F/W 12/13


A collection with two faces: on the one hand luxuriously tender and romantic, on the other hand elegant and rigorous.


An extraordinary mix of style and femininity inspired by the atmosphere of a dreamy and glamorous Russia.


The palette reflects an extraordinary balance of contrast: the rigorous sophistication of beige, grey and Baltic Blue mellows into romantic tones of autumn woodland: Purple, Blueberry and Malachite, but also Rust, Dark Chocolate and lots of black.


For daytime, rigorous knee-length boots highlight the leg and are softened by a precious detail in its design.


For the evening, forms become fluid and materials soft and fine, revealing discreet amounts of bare skin.


The colour palette explores the tones of a winter in St. Petersburg: Baltic Blue, Steppe, Blueberry, Bordeaux and Malachite.


Gold pervades the entire collection in finishes, buttons and details reminiscent of the Russian tsars.


The Military looks are characterized by classic simplicity and get their luxurious appeal from fine materials like silk, velvet and leather.


Romantic embroidery, especially in antique gold, shines seductive and glamorous yet aristocratic.


The sumptuousness of the finishing mixes velvets, leather, suede and lace in a profusion of exclusive luxury.

Pictures: © Salvatore Ferragamo

Ladies and gentlemen, this is my favourite womenswear collection F/W 12/13. I love this tender yet strong collection with its strictness & elegance for daytime and romantic & aristocratic opulence in the evening looks. It was about time a designer referenced great romances like Dr. Shivago and the glamour of russian tsars. Take me to St. Peterburg!

What do you like best about this beautiful collection?


  1. Really, really gorgeous! I like how the sheer dresses don't make the models look nude or half-dressed. And although there's a lot details and embellishments it's never too much or too heavy.

  2. Fantastic Jen!
    number1 my favourite!

  3. Love the muted colors and the mix do hard and soft materials. Very beautiful all of it.