Saturday, July 27, 2013

Salvatore Ferragamo F/W 13/14

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Photos © Salvatore Ferragamo.

I`m head over heels for this fantastic collection! It has everything that I love and appreciate so much about Massimiliano Giornetti & Ferragamo: a clear mono-colour-palette (here: black, white & midnight-blue), mixed in a subtle & tasteful way on classical shapes, complemented with 'futuristic/avantgarde'-elements that are actually wearable! Giornetti knows how and where they work: at the margins - he works them as overly-long sleeves, asymmetrical hemlines, at the back of the skirts and in the shoes.
He delivers brilliant and complicated constructions that I last saw at Helmut Lang 2003 AND mixes them with the classy type of sex-appeal that I last saw at Tom Ford for Gucci! 
How do you like the collection?

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