Saturday, July 5, 2014

Roberto Cavalli Pre-Collection F/W 14/15 (1/2)

1 Roberto Cavalli Pre-collezione FW14-15 (15)
In the Fall/Winter 2014-15 Pre collection, Roberto Cavalli’s innate passion for nature is expressed through the use of iconic animal prints which become unique and innovative thanks to an original style and refined colors.

2 Roberto Cavalli Pre-collezione FW14-15 (20)
The designer’s opulent, luxurious and sensual creations are realized with a precious artisanal craftsmanship which pays homage to the Florentine heritage.

3 Roberto Cavalli Pre-collezione FW14-15 (21)
In the recurring floral motifs, the flowers are psychedelic. The vibrant chromaticity of ruby red, sapphire blue and emerald green characterize the exotic tapestries, which are sometimes embroidered, and the audacious jacquard knitwear with an incredible array of astounding overlays.

4 Roberto Cavalli Pre-collezione FW14-15 (5)
The materials are exquisite: light silks, compact wools, cashmere mix textures, alpaca jacquards, French brocades, furs, leather and shearling meticulously crafted to emphasize volumes and overlappings.

5 Roberto Cavalli Pre-collezione FW14-15 (12)
Bias-cut dresses are brought to life through the pleats and lines opening on the sides, skirts enveloping the woman’s legs become longer and characterized by avant-garde lateral extremities, pleats and creases enhance even the simplest items of the collection.

6 Roberto Cavalli Pre-collezione FW14-15 (7)
The classic leopard print is incised and enriched, opticalized, pleated and folded and alternated by stripes which create a trompe l’oeil effect resulting in inlays or entwined by sinuous lines in a sophisticated palette of smoky grey, tobacco, black and white.

7 Roberto Cavalli Pre-collezione FW14-15 (8)
The collection presents a strong element of sensuality. Captivating outlines with asymmetric and spiral cuts follow the natural movement of the body.

8 Roberto Cavalli Pre-collezione FW14-15 (17)
Photos © Roberto Cavalli.

How do you like the collection? What are your favourite looks?

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  1. I really like that black and red dress, the whole outfit to be more precise.