Sunday, November 22, 2015

Michael Kors Collection F/W 15/16 (2/2): Menswear-Inspired Looks

Photos: Getty Images for Michael Kors.

'Menswear' is a big trend in this season`s womenswear. I perceive it as a counter-movement to the unisex-looks of previous years. Thank god we are rid of them. Personally, I`m a big fan of gendered fashion, that is cut to underline the male or female body. It therefore surprises me that Michael Kors' looks above really work for me. I like how cool and effortless they seem, despite still being luxurious. On the other hand, I will always underline my femininity with feminine fashion like skirts and heels.
I think it`s awesome when women have the courage to 'step out' of gendered symbols (like fashion) for a while and thereby address the system or 'standarts', we tend to take for granted.

What do you think of this season`s Menswear-Trend? Which masculine elements are you integrating into your look, Ladies?

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