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About DressCode:HighFashion

DressCodeHighFashion by Jenny Helmich

- July 2010 - July 2019 -
The Concept

Formed in june 2010, DressCode:HighFashion is a high fashion blogazine. It features sophisticated, traditional, luxurious, glamorous, edgy and exclusive fashion.
I do both, Menswear and Womenswear, because they depend on each other - what is a lady without a matching gentleman and vice versa!? I think every human being should always dress the best they can and I hope to encourage and support a return of elegance and sophistication with my magazine.

More than pretty pictures

There is no sophistication and cultivation without thinking. An unreflected or superficial person or thing can never possess true beauty, that`s why all things featured in my blog have to have a significant background, sense or meaning.
To me, something is good when it makes you think and wonder. Wonder is the beginning of all discovery. That`s why I encourage a discussion with every post.

The Timeline

Even though fashion collections are presented months in advance I believe in covering them in the right season - who is interested in next summer`s mini-dresses in the middle of winter!?!
So I`m posting summer collections from january to june and winter collections from july to december.


I do not claim ownership over all pictures used. Images posted are credited to their respective sources on the bottom of each post and used with permission of the respective brands or their PR.
 Blog by Jenny Helmich.

Links & Advertising

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What others say about me

- "DressCode:HighFashion is where I go to see the best fashion photography from editorials and recent fashion shows." (Heather Fonseca)

- “...has one of the best eyes for shoes in the business. And am not saying this lightly!” (Maya Beus)

- “ have a special sensibility for art.” (Pachi Santiago)

- "You have the chic, sophisticated eye to serve the latest fashion goodies - like no other fashion cupcake a gal." (Be Inspired!)