Wednesday, October 13, 2010

The first ladies of Vogue

Anna Wintour

Personal style:
Earlier in her career, she mixed fashionable T-shirts and vests with designer jeans. When she started at Vogue as creative director she switched to Chanel suits with miniskirts. She continued to wear them during both pregnancies, opening the skirts slightly in back and keeping her jacket on to cover up.

According to biographer Jerry Oppenheimer, her ubiquitous sunglasses are actually corrective lenses, since she suffers from deteriorating vision as her father did. A former colleague he interviewed recalls trying on her Wayfarers in her absence and getting dizzy. "I think at this point they've become, you know, really armor", Wintour herself told 60 Minutes correspondent Morley Safer, explaining that they allow her to keep her reactions to a show private. As she rebounded from the end of her marriage and the turnover in the magazine's editorial staff, a fellow editor and friend noted that "she's not hiding behind her glasses anymore. Now she's having fun again."

Quote: "If you look at any great fashion photograph out of context, it will tell you just as much about what's going on in the world as a headline in The New York Times."

Carine Roitfeld

Personal style:
Her preferred jacket styles are edgy, tailored and chic with a strong biker/rock'n'roll element. Roitfeld likes to mix the masculine with the feminine and favours designers such as Balmain, Balenciaga and YSL, who excel at this. At the moment this means embracing the big-shoulder trend.

Jeans are 'for [her] assistants' and holidays, although she's not averse to a denim skirt, providing it tallies with her sharp-tailoring ethos. Think sexy body-con dresses and pencil skirts cut to the knee.

She always wears high heels. Killer stilettos are by far the fashionistas most flattering and feminine choice. Her favourites include the YSL Tribute. Look for something with a hidden platform for added "comfort" and anything with straps, laces or buckles aka 'bondage light'.

Her legs are always bare. Even in winter. They must be tanned, lean and ready for action year-round. If this is not an option then black opaques are the only way to go.

Quote: "You know, I love Tom Ford, and I love what he has done."

Christiane Arp

Personal Style:
Classic and minimalistic. She always wears her hair in a bun. Lots of black suits with clean white shirts.

Quote: "For me, shopping is about taking some precious time for myself.

Franca Sozzani

Personal Style:
Her personal style is classic and elegant and her signature smile and wavy blond locks are quite stunning. Franca does not like wearing the latest trends. Instead she opts for classic pieces from all kinds of designers.

Quote: "I really don’t care that much about other people’s opinions. Really. You can’t be loved by everyone. It’s impossible."

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Who is your favourite Vogue chief editor?


  1. Ever since I saw "The September Issue" I've been in love with Anna Wintour. It's hard to be a woman running a company. She manages to pull it off with style and panache. I love the fact that she has a close relationship with her daughter (or seems to). I love her signature haircut. I'm wildly jealous that she could wear her regular clothes un-zipped while pregnant - I went up about 6 sizes!

  2. Awesome Post!! Carine for sure followed by Christiane. I haven't had much affection for Anna after seeing September Issue - she's such a cold bitch.

  3. miss Ana off course! isnt it abvious! hahaha :P
    following you with bloglovin!
    visit my blog if you like ^_^

  4. Anna Wintour is my favorite! :) i loved "The September Issue"!


  5. Thanks for your input everybody!

    I love Christiane Arp. She really is my role-model, as a editor in chief and as a woman too. She is always perfectly cool, polite, very together and professional - that`s how I want to be in my job later.

  6. Absolutely without a doubt; Franca!
    Vogue Italia is in a league of its own. Its good to know that an editor can agree on creative risks, not just sucumb to the public, like UK and US editions.
    Anyways love your blog, thanks for the add on IFB!

  7. Also Christiane is my favourite.: profesional and very stylish!

  8. Carine for sure! She's sexy edgy cool! Absolutely Love her! She seems like so much fun - and vibrant.

  9. Very interesting article! Thanks for gathering the info)
    I cannot point out a favorite editor, since I don't "read" any fashion magazine and don't care much of them.. Bloggers are much more interesting)


  10. Carine Roitfeld, hands down. she's like the cool mum for everyone! and i absolutely love her style, she keep it young but still appropriate! totally love this post!

    With Love,

  11. I'm not a huge fan of Vogue (awesome pictures, but the message they send isn't quite my thing) - but this was really interesting! Thanks!


  12. I love Carine Roitfeld & Anna Wintour. They are both women with such personality!


  13. I have to say Anna Wintour, I adore her style and fashion sense. She is an icon indeed!

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  14. Anna Wintour is still the most stylish Vogue Lady and she really is the queen having held onto her title for so long, and I feel she will for quite a while longer. I never knew about her glasses though, its an interesting fact! Great post

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  15. I love Christiane Arp's description of what shopping is for her. I couldn't agree more. I had no idea about Anna's glasses being being prescriptive.
    Wonderful post!

  16. I love Carine and have to say she is my favourite but Franca is a revelation too! Wasn't familiar with her before your post so will look out for her in future.

  17. Great that you included Christiane Arp. She doesn't get that much publicity (at least not worldwide), but I don't think she's any less interesting than the other editrixes.

  18. I've never seen the editor of vogue germany before, she is very chic. Of course I adore Carine.

  19. Franca!! She has amazing style and versatility. The others are elegant and classy in their style which is beautiful but I love the versatility in Franca.

  20. I love the warmth in Franca`s eyes. She seems to be "the nicest & warmest person" compared to the others.

  21. I like Carine, but my favourite is Anna.
    She is so classic and elegant.

    After The September Issue I became more fan of her.
    She is a professional, she does her job pretty good.

    being editor in chief of american vogue it's not an easy task!


  22. Just curious why it was necessary to say when they were born?

  23. I posted their age because I wanted to show that there is a career in fashion beyond age 30.

  24. Anna Wintour ,Christiane Arp.
    Both are my favorite designers.I have to say Anna Wintour, I adore her style and fashion sense , She is born for fashion. She is an icon indeed!
    Anna wintour is the most stylish and more modern vogue lady.

  25. Anna Wintour all the way! She is legendary.