Thursday, February 23, 2012

Making of the Roberto Cavalli Fragrance Campaign feat. Elisa Sednaoui

a - Roberto Cavalli Parfum Backstage (1)

'I always say that the right dress in the right moment can change a woman’s life. A Cavalli dress, a drop of the Cavalli fragrance and a strong personality will ensure a woman won’t go unnoticed and to draw the attention to herself.' says Roberto Cavalli.

b - Roberto Cavalli Parfum Backstage (3)

The fragrance belongs to the ambery floral family. It is an exuberant and sunny fragrance whose top notes, lit by pink peppers, exude a genuine strength of character. Vibrant and sensual, it exhilarates and mesmerises from the very first contact.
At the heart of the perfume one finds all the majesty of the absolute of orange blossom. It is a colour as much as a scent that reveals an ultra-feminine trail and leaves no-one indifferent.
This sensuality finally wraps itself into the captivating base notes of the Tonka bean that leaves an appetizing imprint on the skin.

c - Roberto Cavalli Parfum Backstage (5)

Seduction inspires the campaign for the new Roberto Cavalli fragrance.
A mysterious, intriguing, elegant, glamorous story told in enchanting, sensual images. Elisa Sednaoui stars in a role play where the woman creates her own destiny.

c3 - Roberto Cavalli Parfum Backstage (10)

The location for this story of seduction is a sumptuous and aristocratic Italian Palazzo, close to Rome. The interiors allow director Johan Renck to masterfully capture the essence of the Cavalli woman through spectacular filming.

d - Roberto Cavalli Parfum Backstage (4)

A naked Elisa awakes in her bed in one of the rooms in the Palazzo and, with seductive feline moves, sprinkles a few drops of fragrance onto her neck and back, then pulls on a fabulous tiger-striped dress. The final touch is a necklace bearing a talisman.

e - Roberto Cavalli Parfum Backstage (6)

Her next apparition is at an exclusive party on a summer night, where guests exchange nothing but looks and whispered words as they meet and mingle. Nobody is expecting the arrival of this superior surreal creature. With feline grace and the energy of a rebellious being, Elisa crosses the courtyard of the Palazzo to reach the party, while the image of a tiger, the alter ego of the Cavalli woman, materialises and accompanies her into the centre of the human universe.

g - Roberto Cavalli Parfum Backstage (7)

Silk dresses her, gold adorns her neck, and the perfume transports her. Her dress covers and uncovers her, preceding and following her like an impregnable wave.
Elisa lingers a moment, before making her entrance, the event the whole party is waiting for. She attracts the gaze of all those present, who recognise in her a woman who steals the limelight on the stage of life.
All her lovers shunned, Elisa walks into the spotlight and the mood turns vibrant. Warmth invades the air and life becomes a show. Men and women are irresistibly drawn to this charismatic sensual female.

f - Roberto Cavalli Parfum Backstage (8)

Elisa picks him out among the guests: this is the man she wants to capture.
She heads towards him, pulls the magic talisman from her neck and throws it at her prey. Hypnotised by the seductive essence of the Cavalli woman, he is the envy of all. She doesn’t go unnoticed.

h - Roberto Cavalli Parfum ADV_2
Pictures are property of Roberto Cavalli

I agree that a perfume is as important as a dress to feel sexy. A fragrance you love lifts you up and adds that "invisible, final touch" to your look and personality. It indeed takes the right fragrance (among other things) to create your own destiny.

How do you like the campaign? Girls, can you identify with the confident, sexy seductress? Boys, would you fall for her?


  1. I do like the campaign...both her and the dress are beautiful xo

  2. Elisa was stunning in that advert.