Wednesday, March 7, 2012

Video: Christian Dior Haute Couture S/S 12 by Bill Gaytten

What do you think? Classic Dior or total bore?


  1. Total bore. I don't like to be critical because i can only imagine how much work went into those dresses, which are beautiful, and perhaps we were spoilt by Galliano's brilliance, but when the first girl down the steps is wearing a see-though top I immediately think "uh-oh". The only designer who can do that is Armani. Otherwise I think, "someone is trying to prove they're edgy". It just seems pointless unless there's a real point.

    I do think there were some great pieces, like the red peplum top and red herringbone skirt, but for Christian Dior couture it was all a bit too wearable. I feel like I've seen more interesting outfits on "Mad Men".