Thursday, April 19, 2012

Runway Trend S/S 12: Harnesses, Corset- & Waist-Belts

1 - col-mcqueen3

2 - col-mcqueen2

3 - col-mcqueen

Alexander McQueen`s metallic harnesses create an edgy contrast to the tender dresses.

4 - col-bur

5 - col-bur2

6 - col-bur3

Waist-belts add a feminine twist to the classic trenchcoat at Burberry Prorsum.

7 - col gaultier

8 - col gaultier

9 - col gaultier

Jean Paul Gaultier`s corsets make sure the waist is still highlighted in his flowing, loose designs.

99- col westwood

Vivienne Westwood`s Anglomania harness highlights shoulders and waist.

Pictures are property of the respective brands. Jean Paul Gaultier pictures by Patrice Stable / Rainer Torrado.

Which belt-version is your favourite? How do you wear your waist-belts, ladies?


  1. I Loved the Waist-belts !

    Great post I liked all of them pretty much

  2. I love the first, 3rd and last! Great belts you got here! great style! Never tried it yet! :)

  3. I think harnesses are really difficult to pull off unless you buy the whole, designers. Outfit. Corsets are a bit easier and wide belts the easiest. I have one that I wear with a blouse dress.

  4. absolutely the alexander mcqueen neck harness is gorgeous!!!

  5. Congrats on making it to Links a la Mode!


  6. I really love the harnesses, wide belts look weird on me since I'm short, so I prefer skinny belts.
    I usually love how Prabal Gurung incorporate harnesses into their designs.

  7. Never thought I'd say this, but I now want a harness...

    Well done on being featured by IFB - I can see why, this is a really well put together post.

    Bug @ Bugwear

  8. Love them all! ASOS does an affordable harness in nude pink, I've been tossing up whether to buy it or not for ages!

    Meg x

  9. I especially love the McQueen ones!

    Corinne xo