Tuesday, November 6, 2012

Salvatore Ferragamo Jewels 'Miniature Preziose' Collection

  Miniature Preziose, is a collection of pendants that take inspiration from the iconic footwear created by Salvatore Ferragamo from the ’30s to the ’60s.

Butterfly enriches the collection with an oriental allure. 18 kt yellow gold is in elegant contrast with the black onyx of the wedge, featuring hand-­‐painted flowers of the kind that decorated the cheongsam, a traditional women’s garment in the Ching dynasty.

Renaissance is an exquisite miniature of the famous Salvatore Ferragamo shoe inspired by the sciapin, a high-­‐soled wooden shoe from the Renaissance period considered to be the first heeled shoe. Made of 18kt gold and shiny black enamel, the pendant closely reproduces the details of the 1938 shoe to highlight its spectacular and eclectic design.

Carmen takes after the shoe created in 1938 for Carmen Miranda, the glamorous Broadway singer and dancer who enchanted America with her live shows. The laminated leather of the original sandal is turned into 18 kt yellow gold for the pendant; black enamel details grace the straps and give a sense of motion to the entire piece.

Rainbow, an 18 kt yellow gold pendant with coloured gemstones whose design is based on the legendary shoe created in 1938 for Judy Garland. This was later followed by Red (a miniature yellow gold shoe with a full pavé of blackdiamonds) and Honey (yellow and black gold graced by a diamond broach), both created to celebrate the legendary Marilyn Monroe.

All of the Precious Miniatures pieces show an extraordinary level of detail, the futurist label created for Ferragamo by Lucio Venna can be seen inside the shoes, while the name of the model and date of creation are engraved on the soles.

Pictures: © Salvatore Ferragamo

Which pendant is your favourite?


  1. OMG I want them all! So cute and lovely pendants! I want them for my necklace woot! Woot! :)


  2. My favorite is the black jeweled pump! I want that!

    P.S. found your blog through IFB if you're wondering...

    Rena @ the Style Gospel