Thursday, February 14, 2013

Valentine`s Week 7/7: 10 Valentine`s Date Outfits for Her

z - col Runway: Burberry, clutch: Jean Paul Gaultier, shoes: Giorgio Armani

z - col2 Shoes & bag: Missoni, runway: Roberto Cavalli

z - col3 Runway: Daks, clutch: Etro, shoes: Emporio Armani

z - col4 Clutch: Versace, shoes: Giorgio Armani, runway: Emilio Pucci

z - col5 Runway: Roberto Cavalli, clutch & shoes: Emporio Armani

z - col6 Necklace: Jean Paul Gaultier, shoes: Etro, runway: Burberry

z - col7 Runway: Missoni, coat: Burberry, shoes: Etro

z - col8 Bag: Santoni, shoes: Giorgio Armani, runway: Mugler

z - col9 Runway: Roberto Cavalli, cape: Burberry, shoes: Giorgio Armani

z - col99 Bracelet: Salvatore Ferragamo, bag: Aigner, runway: Elie Saab

Outfits styled & compiled by DressCode:HighFashion. Pictures are property of the respective brands. Jean Paul Gaultier picture by Rainer Torrado.

Which outfit is your favourite? Which one would you wear yourself?

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