Thursday, June 6, 2013

Hermès Festival des Métiers 6th – 11th June 2013 in Düsseldorf

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Bichonner, fileter, cadrer, couper, coudre, perler, griffer, astiquer, roulotter… This is the enigmatic language of the Hermès workshops. Now the skills behind each word, those that give life to Hermès objects, are being celebrated in the first traveling Festival of Crafts. 
2 collage saddler Saddler
In a bold modern setting by Milanese designer Paola Navone, the Festival is a vibrant celebration of Hermès craftsmanship and will present demonstrations by the master craftsmen and women from the renowned Hermès workshops.
3 porcelain painter Porcelain painter
Visitors will discover the magic of the savoir-faire behind the handbags, scarves, jewelry, watches, porcelain, saddles and other iconic objects from the house of Hermès.  
  4 sabrage Sabrage
Guests have the opportunity to meet Hermès artisans at their workbenches, and experience at first-hand the consummate skills of leather making, silk engraving, jewelry making and many more crafts.
5 watch maker Watchmaker
  I was impressed with the precision of the watchmaker.
6 watch maker Watchmaker
  It was fascinating to watch the printing of a Hermès carrè, which is made of silk deriving from a butterfly`s cocoon.
8 collage silk Butterfly cocoon and the silk made of it
 After the design is finished, stencils are made for each colour in the scarf.
9 collage silk printer Silk printer
  Colours are carefully applied in layers (starting with the brightest) on warm tables (that make the colours dry faster).
99 collage silk printer Silk printer
  The outcome is Hermès treasured and timeless carrè, that was born in 1937.
999 silk scarf Silk scarf
  The Festival des Métiers is a fascinating journey into the essence of french luxury; tradition, finest materials and excellent craftsmanship.
 9999 silk scarfs
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Festival des Métiers 
Areal Böhler, Halle am Wasserturm (Halle 29), Hansaallee 321, Düsseldorf 
12 pm to 8 pm daily 
Free admission


  1. GORGEOUS experience!
    Lucky you for having the chance...

  2. Oh that's really inreresting! Thank you for sharing this a loooot!

    Take a look at my blog and keep in touch)

    x, Daria

  3. Thanks for sharing, this is awesome:) I found your link on IFB. I went behind the scenes with working on the scarf prints once and it was truly spectacular. Great post.