Saturday, October 19, 2013

Etro F/W 13/14

ETRO DONNA 0  ETRO_DONNA_AI_13_14 1  ETRO_DONNA_AI_13_14 2  ETRO_DONNA_AI_13_14 3  ETRO_DONNA_AI_13_14 4  ETRO_DONNA_AI_13_14 5  ETRO_DONNA_AI_13_14 6  ETRO_DONNA_AI_13_14 7  ETRO_DONNA_AI_13_14 8  ETRO_DONNA_AI_13_14 9  ETRO_DONNA_AI_13_14 99
Pictures © Etro.

Great collection! I love how Veronica Etro stayed true to the house`s signature paisley-prints and colourfulness but fully seperated it from the folklore-look. I could have never imagined those prints working with sporty, almost futuristic cuts - but they do! Bravo, Veronica!

What is your favourite thing about the collection?

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