Tuesday, November 12, 2013

Charlotte Olympia`s limited edition Archie Comics collection

British luxury shoe & accessories brand, Charlotte Olympia, has launched a limited edition capsule collection inspired by the legendary comic strip, Archie Comics. 
2 Archie Clutch Comic Bag
Celebrating one of the longest running comic series, the captivating collection of shoes and bags encapsulates Charlotte Olympia’s sense of femininity and humour, with the fictional characters and legendary graphic novels of Archie Comics.
 3 Archie Miranda 
Lovable high school heart throb Archie, cheerleader Betty and fashion conscious Veronica headline embroidered Comic magazine bags and heart shaped peep toe suede pumps scream with ‘I’m mad about the boy’ slogans in white speech bubbles.
Colourful and original storylines are collaged in vinyl coated cotton onto iconic silhouettes, including the Carmen wedge and Dolly with its signature “island” platform.
 5 DOLLYarchie  
What a lovely, charming & fun collection! Shoes, bags and fiction go together so well! Fab!

Pictures © Charlotte Olympia.

Who is your favourite Archie character? What are your favourite shoes and bags in this collection?


  1. This looks like an excellent collection I grew up reading the Archie comics and love the bags featured here--I only wish the panes that Olympia had used for them were less boy crazy quotes.


  2. CO is amazing! what a cute collection!

    XO Sahra
    Que Sera Sahra