Tuesday, May 27, 2014

The 10 Coolest Alexander McQueen Men`s Accessoires S/S 14

1 am Polka Stripe Polka Stripe Bow Tie

2 am Skull Enamel Skull Enamel Cuff Links

3 am Tonal Skull Tonal Skull Scarf

4 am Prince of Wales Skull Prince Of Wales Skull Tie

5 am pocket square Lace & Skull Pocket Square

6 am Douvble Wrap Bracelet Double Wrap Bracelet

7 am Anat.SQ (2) Red Python Belt

8 am SILK LACE PRINT Silk Lace Print Scarf

9 am Horn Horn Cuff Links

99 am socks Skull Socks

Pictures © Alexander McQueen.

What is your favourite McQueen accessory this season?

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