Saturday, July 28, 2012

Roberto Cavalli F/W 12/13

1 Roberto Cavalli FW1213_33

2 Roberto Cavalli FW1213_21

3 Roberto Cavalli FW1213_39

4 Roberto Cavalli FW1213_19

5 Roberto Cavalli FW1213_15

6 Roberto Cavalli FW1213_24

7 Roberto Cavalli FW1213_13

8 Roberto Cavalli FW1213_25

9 Roberto Cavalli FW1213_40

99 Roberto Cavalli FW1213_26
Pictures are property of Roberto Cavalli.

OMG the first two looks are so super-awesome - especially the first one! Oh that leather jacket! *faaaaaaaaabulooooous* How I wish they would lend me that super-cool outfit to wear to the next Cavalli show in september *DREAM*.

I love the strong feminity that is embodied in the looks. It`s as if the animal prints would add the animal`s strenght and aura to the woman`s appearance. The fishnets and leather gloves are fab as well. *LOVE*

How do you like the collection? Which looks are your favourites?


  1. The first look is my favourite, but that's not surpising, is it? :D

  2. I agree, first two looks rock. I am a bit ambivalent about Cavalli in general, he steps into cheap territory often but he does get it right sometimes, and then it's positively wild and strong and beautiful.

  3. They're all beautiful. I'm not sure I can pick one favorite, but I do love the fur on fur outfit.