Friday, January 6, 2012

Mia Jafari S/S 12


The S/S 12 'Waterlilies' collection invites you to take refuge in a peaceful meditation at the centre of an enchanted, flowering aquarium.


The women who take the stage wearing Jafari's collection make their entrance as Monetesque paintings in full bloom, misty eyed, draped in swirling colours in the same hues, evoking the essence of playful romance.


The silhouette is deceptively simple, ballooned, pleated blouses worn under high-waisted skirts, draped dresses with pockets, folds and knots adding a new dimension to the silhouette.


Further developed in this collection is Digi-droidery; the innovative technique coined by the designer to describe a truly unique dimension to her work, where Eastern embroidery meets cutting edge digital print.


Swarovski crystals, intricate hand embroidery and embellishments on necklines are layered over digi-droidery to create the feel of oversized embellishments.


Spring/Summer 12 sees Central Saint Martins and Goldsmiths graduate Mia Jafari mark her Ready-to-Wear design debut with ‘Waterlilies’, a collection of seductively playful silk dresses encapsulating the spirit of romance. The collection of abstractly painted and digital rendered blouses, skirts and dresses utilize the british designer`s training in both design and art.


Combining actual paint and embroidery with digital manipulation on ballooned silk georgette blouses, micro mini ruffled dresses and draped vintage inspired silk dresses, ‘Waterlilies’ oozes Jafari’s playful aesthetic whilst evoking a more mature and sophisticated elegance.

Pictures are property of Mia Jafari

I really like this collection. It is everything I want from summer fashion; light, soft materials, prints that remind you of blossoming flowers and meadows and cuts that let you feel the warm wind on your skin. I also love how the collection is showing lots of skin in a very classy way.

With the aquarium and impressionist paintings Mia Jafari has chosen two appropriate inspirations that create a harmonic outcome.

It is unbelieveable that this is a first collection. Fully standing on it`s own, it doesn`t need to fear any comparison and even tops the current summer collections of many established designers.

I`m looking forward to seeing more from Mia Jafari.

How do you like the collection? Which are your favourite dresses?


  1. Beautiful dresses, it's hard to choose a favorite one ! But if I had to buy one certainly would be the photo no. 5 and 6. Just gorgeous!

    Xoxo from Japan

  2. I love the silhouette dress and I think the one shoulder is really interesting. I don't think it would work on girls that are a bit chesty though :(

    Love your blog!


  3. I love the silhouette dress and I think the one shoulder is really stunning. I just don't think it would good on girls who are chesty :(

  4. Forgot to mention, love your blog! and am following it!


  5. Beautiful. I think the green dress is my favorite.