Thursday, December 13, 2012

Salvatore Ferragamo Man F/W 12

Pictures © Salvatore Ferragamo

OMG! Massimiliano Giornetti has finally heared my prayers and brought the 'sexy, sleek & refined badass' back to the runway! I love his contemporary versions of the classical business suit and the cocktail jacket, that he updates through the blue- and bordeaux hues. Making fur, velvet and pinstripe wearable for real men is ultra-difficult but he gets it right! He delivers that perfect & sexy "I know what I want and I`ll get it!" look without the slightest connotation of vulgarity (as it mostly happens in Tom Ford or Gucci looks).
This collection is another perfect example how the house of Ferragamo creates something sexy, elegant & luxuriously refined but fully stays within the area of tastefulness and classicism. This "art of limitation", this surfing on the border but never crossing it, is A TRUE ART! This "art of good taste", is what makes the difference between "old money" and "new money" or sexy and tacky. I love how this old italian fashion house accomplishes to be modern, sexy & exciting but stays true to the european tradition of choosing "style over fashion" and always putting class & good, traditional taste first. This is how it should be! *LOVE*

How do you like the collection? Does menswear need to be more "sleek, elegant & polished" in general?
Gentlemen, are you wearing this look? Ladies, are you falling for it?


  1. I like the striped suit (#6). I guess I would wear parts of this collection if they were tailored for me, otherwise I would just look awkward.