Tuesday, April 16, 2013

Brioni S/S 13

1 BRIONI SS 2013

2 BRIONI SS 2013

3 BRIONI SS 201320a

4 BRIONI SS 2013

5 BRIONI SS 2013

7 BRIONI SS 2013

Pictures © Brioni

How super-awesome & elegant is the white-on-white tuxedo combination on top!?! *loooove* I also love that Brioni offers a whole range of strong colours for the season (instead of sticking to one or two like most labels do).

How do you like the collection? Which look is your favourite?


  1. Not the usual choice, but love the last look. Definitely one for a man who likes to take a risk!

  2. The tuxedo is nice, but my favourite is the bluish grey suit!