Tuesday, May 7, 2013

The Top 10 Maxi Summer Dresses of Summer 2013

1 ETRO 1. Etro
 2 ELIE SAAB 2. Elie Saab
 3 Roberto Cavalli 3. Roberto Cavalli
 4 Daks 4. Daks
 5 ETRO 5. Etro
 6 JP Gaultier 6. Jean Paul Gaultier
 7 pucci 7. Emilio Pucci
 8 Aigner 8. Aigner
 9 ETRO 9. Etro
 99 Pucci 10. Emilio Pucci

Pictures are property of the respective brands. Gaultier picture: Patrice Stable p/o Jean Paul Gaultier.

Which dress is your favourite? Are you wearing a maxi dress this summer?


  1. I'd have to vote for Daks and Emilio Pucci (#7). But I also like the cut of the first one (Etro).

  2. I vote for daks too! I would wear that one constantly. I do love maxi dresses in the summer. Wish I had more actually!

  3. I love all except the first and sixth. So many pretty ones!

    Kate from Clear the Way