Thursday, May 2, 2013

Season Favourite: Tom Ford Shoes S/S 13

The Bondage Spike Sandal 1 tf sandal 
The most recognisable details are the signature gold plated spikes that are individually hand sewn onto the leather that covers the heel. This piece of ornate leather plays on the fact that it makes this sandal look like a wedge, yet it has a 105mm heel. 
All the hardware used on the Bondage Spike Sandal is in solid brass coated with 0.5 micron gold plating, except for the spike which are in gold plated PVC in order to lighten the weight of the shoe. 
It is available in a variety of colours and exotic skins including smooth calfskin, suede, metal python and mirror lambskin.
 2 tf sandal 
The Bondage Straps Thigh High Boot
 3 tf boot 
Recognisable by its signature zigzagging of straps going up the calf. This boot when worn should feel like a second skin and directly references the bondage inspiration.
The most recognisable detail is the bold hardware and layers of leather contrasting with the luxurious skins used to make it.
All the hardware used on the Bondage Straps thigh high Boot is in solid brass coated with 0.5 micron gold plating. And each strap along the calf is reinforced with small elastics at each extremity in order to ease the fit.
 4 tf boot
Pictures © Tom Ford

OMG! OMG! OMG! SHOEGASM!!! The boots are pure sex - totally Studio 54 meets Metropolis! *LOVE* *WANT* *DROOL* SEASON FAVOURITE!

Which shoe is your favourite?

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