Saturday, July 20, 2013

Emporio Armani`s Stunning Velvet Looks F/W 13/14

EA2 1  EA2 2  EA2 3  EA2 4  EA2 5  EA2 7  EA2 9  EA2 99
Pictures © Emporio Armani

I loooooove the dresses! The purple & red velvet is magical and Mr. Armani IS the master of tasteful 'avantgarde tailoring' (without violating the traditional) - still a real innovator! I don`t seize to be amazed by his amazing creations! Bravo!
What`s your favourite dress/look and your favourite velvet-colour?


  1. Loving the velvet!

  2. I like the first outfit and the last one best. Also the 20s vibe of the whole collection is quite nice. I think the 20s were probably the most stylish decade of the last century.