Friday, July 12, 2013

Roberto Cavalli opens the first Cavalli Caffè in Saint-Tropez

Cavalli Caffè Saint-Tropez (2) 
Roberto Cavalli has opened his first Cavalli Caffè in Saint-Tropez. The Caffè and the boutique are connected with each other and the Caffè also extends outdoors in the famous Place de La Garonne.

Cavalli Caffè Saint-Tropez  
“Experiencing and enjoying a good cup of coffee, with great food and pleasant company… this is the Cavalli Caffè philosophy. I wanted to convey my passion for beauty and sensuality in a hospitality project in Saint-Tropez, which is a very important place for me.. In the 70's when everything started … In the 70's incredible women of timeless beauty and femininity made this place on the French Riviera the best location where the international jet-setters of the era loved spending the holidays." commented Roberto Cavalli.

Pictures © Roberto Cavalli.

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