Saturday, September 7, 2013

Wolfgang Joop`s Book Presentation At Eickhoff During Fashion`s Night Out Düsseldorf 2013

1 eickhoff joop 
Königsallee`s most important fashion store, Eickhoff, hosted the night`s most important event: the presentation of Wolfgang Joop`s book 'Objekte der Begierde'.
 1a eickhoff joop 
The charismatic designer patiently took photos with fans upon his arrival.

1b eickhoff joop  1c eickhoff joop
Susanne Asbrand-Eickhoff (wearing Dior) and Stefan Asbrand-Eickhoff greeting the author/illustrator.
 1d eickhoff joop
Joop introduced his book with a short speech, explaining how emotional the artistic process was for him and how the illustrations came about.

1e eickhoff joop

He then signed his book and illustrations.
 1f eickhoff joop  1g eickhoff poppies
The hand-made 'Shwe Shwe Poppies' charity-dolls, alongside objects of desire.
 1h eickhoff arp
Vogue`s Christiane Arp looked immaculate and elegant, as always.
 1i eickhoff armani
The new Giorgio Armani nailpolishes were presented at Eickhoff as well.
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  Eickhoff hosted a glamorous and exciting event with lots of fashion, art, beauty, luxury and champagne. Fashion really 'came to life' during this Fashion`s Night Out, since not only the items, but more importantly, the people behind them, became accessible. 
A very vogue night with fashion-dreams coming true!

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  1. Gorgeous experience my dear.
    I envy you!
    You look very stylish!