Tuesday, December 24, 2013

Les Arts Décoratifs, Schiaparelli and Monsieur Christian Lacroix: an homage

01 by Dominique Maitre 
The Maison Schiaparelli has invited Monsieur Christian Lacroix to celebrate its founder and together they are presenting their know-how through 18 unique pieces; the first of a long series of homages, as other artists will also be asked to celebrate the "Elsa” myth.
 02  by Dominique Maitre 
This is not just a collection. But a very special rendezvous, in a rare and emblematic location in Paris, looking out onto the Tuileries gardens, in the Pavillon de Flore of the Arts Décoratifs museum, quite precisely in their wood-paneled salon, very rarely open.
 03 by Dominique Maitre 
Inspired by carnival fairs often installed in the neighboring gardens, also a source of inspiration for Schiaparelli, a carrousel of mirrors welcomes the eighteen silhouettes of the French designer in a circle of wooden mannequins, with faces representing a modernized sphinx, a distant echo of Elsa Schiaparelli’s own profile.
 04 by Dominique Maitre 
The mannequins were dressed in the eighteen models created in homage to one of the most striking and influential icons in the history of fashion and couture, to her atypical style, so personal.
 05 by Dominique Maitre

This unique collection exalts the universe of Schiaparelli, the timeless vocabulary of her lines, the intact enchantment of her embroideries and refined details. A research of excellence, exacting "couture" rigor, also modeled by the eternal grace of renewed dreams.
 06 by Dominique Maitre 
Inspirations from '"elsewhere", associating exoticism and history, merging space and time, mixing a practical spirit with a grandeur that is very "place Vendôme", such is the kaleidoscope of this cultural mix, also widely shared by Monsieur Christian Lacroix himself.
 07 by Dominique Maitre 
Monsieur Christian Lacroix drew 99 sketches, then synthesized into eighteen models, exhibited, according to a process of shapes in perpetual mutation, transformed emblems, constantly reborn under diverse shapes and cleverly intermingled symbols.
08 by Dominique Maitre
Photos by Dominique Maitre.

What an awesome homage to legend and fashion-pioneer Elsa Schiaparelli! I also love to see the 'maestro of opulence' create fashion again. I hope he returns to designing soon.

How do you like monsieur Lacroix`s homage?

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