Monday, September 14, 2015

Chicks On Speed 'Artstravaganza' at Karl Lagerfeld's 'Modemethode' Finissage

Artist collective Chicks on Speed staged an extraordinary performance at the Bundeskunsthalle Bonn on September 12th as closure of the Karl Lagerfeld 'Modemethode' exhibition.

The Chicks on Speed contributed music to Chanel`s fashion shows and used to work with Karl Lagerfeld. This evening`s site-specific performance-installation was merging music, performance, art and fashion, making it an Artformance, 

Euphoria, FOOTwerk, Quartetris, Data recycling, high heel shoe guitars and other 'Objektinstruments' made the interactive show a colourful, multilayered thematic trip through Chicks on Speed`s dadaistic universe.

The Artformance also included a fashion show in which models walked right through the audience, eliminating the borders between viewers and stage. The performance transported a notion of a 'liberation' of fashion, making it more accessible, fun and disconnecting it from brands and money.

They also addressed discourses of surveillance, civil rights and gender / patriarchy.

The evening-long program was topped off by a Voodoo Chanel installation pop up shop with DJ Shaggy Sharoof, the pop star from the Ivory Coast and collaborator of Chicks on Speed.

Photos © Jenny Helmich /

It was an amazing Artformance of stylish, charismatic women that remind us to keep asking questions and that nothing is deeper than the surface.

What impressed you most?

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