Sunday, September 6, 2015

Links a la Mode (September 3)

I’m not a badass {sigh}, but sometimes I like to draw inspiration from them. And that is where friends chime in to say, “but you’ve worn white jeans and pale pink together… on numerous occasions”. Yes, it’s true. {sigh} Both, A Handful of Stories and La Vintage Vida really touched on this. It’s the source of true personal style; to be able to pull just enough from cultures, sub-cultures, and trends, while remaining true to our spirit. We had some excellent posts on how menswear designers are drawing from outside their usual comfort zones with the bold bright prints and handbags. We live in a wonderful time where we are not limited by our time zones. We have access to a worldwide view. From Arabia, Africa, Russia, Italy, and India to Las Vegas and New York City. This community of IFB bloggers does a wonderful job of sharing the trends within their context. Fall and Winter trends were a popular focus this go around but beauty and blogger tips were not to be missed. One of these days, I’ll have to share a favorite Halloween look of mine. Badass personified.

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