Friday, September 11, 2015

Links a la Mode: September 10

With so much focus on fashion designers, celebrities, models, and of course all you fabulous fashion bloggers, it’s easy to get a case of the have-not’s and poor-me’s. This week several IFB bloggers showed how to look chic while not breaking the bank. Between the Racks in particular is described as having a passion and addiction to shopping for designer on a budget, but i’d call it a gift. Others, search out trends like studio 54 glamour from favorite moderate retailers. While another, talks about editing and refining her current wardrobe. The budgeting continued on with beauty posts, and one blogger has a routine post of “Third Thursday Thrifts.” There were also wonderful pointers on how to dress for one’s size, shape, and age. The latter isn’t exactly what you’d expect. My favorite quote, “This one is gonna kill the author.” Please everyone, go find it.

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