Saturday, August 11, 2012

Giles F/W 12 (made with Swarovski Elements)

1 GILES_AW12_ _Photographer_Catwalking

2 GILES_AW12_ _Photographer_Catwalking

3 GILES_AW12_ _Photographer_Catwalking

4 GILES_AW12_ _Photographer_Catwalking

5 GILES_AW12_ _Photographer_Catwalking

6 GILES_AW12_ _Photographer_Catwalking

7 GILES_AW12_ _Photographer_Catwalking

8 GILES_AW12_ _Photographer_Catwalking

9 GILES_AW12_ _Photographer_Catwalking
Copyright / Swarovski.

Giles doesn`t seize to amaze and excite me! I love the way he arranges patterns and fabrics. The dresses have super-amazing details and still never look overloaded. I love the femininity & tenderness of the first three dresses and the cigarette-burn-holes add a notion of fragility - a kind of injury which creates a new surface. I find this "beauty through destruction" connotation poetic and metaphysical.

How do you like the collection? What do you think about the cigarette-burn-holes print? Hit or miss?


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  2. I usually agree with your aesthetics, this time I actually don't like the burned holes. There is something of a novelty feel there for me... Though you can tell it's exquisitely made!
    But I love the combination of grey and red he did.


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