Thursday, September 27, 2012

Fashion Show Coverage: Just Cavalli S/S 13


Just Cavalli created a magical and eerie underwater-atmosphere with blue light and transparent white curtains at their S/S 13 show at Arco Della Pace.

The invitation

The life, colours and the richness of the sea, combined with the atmosphere and light of Mediterranean coasts, influence the collection.

Roberto Cavalli and his dog Lupo being interviewed before the show.

The rays of summer sunshine filter from the skies reaching the marine depths where light fades until disappearing, fading into the habitat of new and astonishing forms of life.


The Just Cavalli woman floats on the runway dressed in prints which evoke the magnificent colours of the Mediterranean water and vegetation; clothing characterized by young silhouettes and fluid lines.


Transparent chiffon sculpted with slits and prints to create the fluid motion of sea life alternated with knitwear and skinny pants which evoke the translucence of jellyfish; one of the most unique structures in nature.


Short dresses distinguished by fluid silhouettes are covered in sequins shaped by an oxyhydrogen flame and illuminated by a thousand colours and incredible nuances, in order to create a tri-dimensional effect which replicates the iridescent colours of sea urchins.


Refined shapes and colours which decorate the spotted seashells transform the iconic jaguar print, which has always characterized the Maison Cavalli, in an ingenious reproduction of enticing marine life.


Leather clothing decorated with ton-sur-ton studs and gowns encrusted with rhinestones portray these fabulous sea creatures which live with new and vibrant energy, in a palette of colours ranging from electric blue to acid green, from pink to fuchsia, from pale blue to royal blue with fluorescent touches.


Necklaces and jewellery inspired by the majolicas of the mysterious Atlantis, ankle boots and booties with fluorescent rubber heels like the unreachable creatures which live in the depths of the sea.


Attending celebrities were Azealia Banks, Solange Knowles, Marracash, Melissa Satta, Malena Costa, Jane Alexander, Paola, Chiara & Paola Maugeri.


The show was amazing! The underwater-atmosphere made the tender chiffon dresses look like floating in water. A fantastic collection characterized by youth, tenderness and lightness. Just like the deep sea creatures, the dresses are soft and strong at once.


The collection was staged perfectly - one felt like diving into a mystical underwater-world. The Atlantis-inspiration was realised perfectly and I love that they played The Cure, whose subtle melancholy made a perfect musical match.

Last three pictures: © Just Cavalli.

How do you like the show and the collection?

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  1. Nice watery effect on the show. The dresses look lovely! :)