Monday, September 24, 2012

Limited Burberry Regent Street Trench Coat Collection

01 gold feather trenchcoat
Gold Feather Trench Coat

02 studded cotton trench coat
Studded Cotton Trench Coat

03 alligator sleeve trench coat
Alligator Sleeve Trench Coat

04 gem detail mink trenchcoat
Gem Detail Mink Trench Coat

05 metallic crocodile trench coat
Metallic Crocodile Trench Coat

06 knotted satin trench coat
Knotted Satin Trench Coat

07 feather trench coat
Feather Trench Coat

08 gold lace trench coat
Gold Lace Trench Coat

09 plonge leather and double cotton twill  military trench coat
Plonge Leather and Double Cotton Twill Military Trench Coat

099 plonge leather military trench coat
Plonge Leather Military Trench Coat
Pictures © Burberry.

What an awesome & creative trench-collection! *LOVING IT* The gold feather trench is my favourite.

Which trench coats are your favourites?


  1. Stunning collection:) It is hard to choose one...the metallic crocodile is realy awesome!

    Following you!!

  2. If I was rich I'd own every one, but especially the one with the spikes on the sleeves.